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Co Mill

Mark Maker's Comill is the leading technology for achieving uniform size reduction, sieving, deagglomeration, dispersion and mixing. In applications throughout the Pharmaceutical, Food, Fine Chemical, Personal Care and Cosmetics industries, wherever process managers seek optimum process efficiency and product consistency that's where the Comill is hard at work.

Maximum processing efficiency

Mark Maker's Comill proprietary, advanced size reduction technology has been refined through thousands of applications to deliver reliable scalability , repeatability and environmentally friendly performance. The result is superior product quality and maximum throughput for quick return on investment.

Maximum Performance

Using Mark Maker's Comill you can rely on receiving the superior engineering and manufacturing quality that give you maximum uptime and yield.

Scalable Performance

The Comil Overdriven is available in different models, offering capacities up to 1000 kg/hr. Specialized performance options are also available.

Low heat, low noise, low dust

The original Comil®'s innovative, low-speed design applies an inherently gentle action to the product, achieving optimum particle granulometry while generating limited or no heat, low noise and minimal fines. In addition to lowenergy consumption, the result is a consistent, high-quality end product, even with heat-sensitive materials.

  • In the conical screen chamber, a rotating impeller imparts a vortex flow pattern to the infeed product
  • The product is forced outward to the screen surface by centrifugal acceleration, ensuring continuous delivery into the "action zone" between the screen and impeller.
  • In the 'action zone" the material is uniformly sized and instantaneously passed tangentially through the screen openings.
  • The finished product is discharged at the bottom of the milling chamber.

Manufactured in stainless steel for sanitary operation and easy cleanability, the Comili Overdriven can be flood fed ( control feeding is not necessary). Milling action can be fine tuned using a comprehensive selection of interchangeble tooling, as well as speed variation.

Salient Features :

Infeed chute can be customized to meet all process feed requirements (manual, pneumatic or mechanical). Machine housing with supersanitary spindle assembly. Can also be modified for clean-inplace (CIP) operation. Swing-away discharge shroud allows quick changeover of screens, impellers, customized tooling for special applications. Also allows for easy cleaning. Can be custom engineered to fit any process or collection vessel. Entire machine available in various grades of stainless steel and specialty alloys.
Safety features to meet all international safety guidelines and standards.

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