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Fluid Bed Processor

 Fluid Bed Processor
Fluid Bed Processor
  • Fluid Bed Processor is a very good technology to make granules from powder using top spray method. The technology is most suited as the same equipment can be used for top spray granulation, bottom spray coating & drying all 03 parameters in the same equipment thereby reducing the nos of equipment used for a process
  • With fluid bed processor technology the granulation is uniform and better due to fluidization the particle movement is very fast and due to the liquid / moisture been sprayed on continuous basis the mixing of powder & liquid is very efficient and uniform.
  • In the Fluid Bed Processor distribution plate is CNC built for cutting edge technology which ensures proper fluidization of powder and thereby giving best results in granulation. Fluid Bed Processor is commonly used in Pharma industry with proven record for good quality output.
  • Fluid Bed Processor consist of Air Handling Unit with Hepa filtration for inlet air, Air Inlet chamber, product bowl with distribution plate, expansion chamber for fluidization, top spray module, Filter bag unit with pneumatic cylinder for up & down movement, effective reverse air purging for cleaning of filter bag time to time automatically, Blower on service floor for exhaust.
  • Fluid Bed Processor is available from very small compact model which can take minimum 200 gms to large production model with capacity of 500 kgs.
  • Fluid Bed Processor is available with other 02 options Fluid Bed Coater & Dryer where in with the same equipment you can use it for coating with bottom spray wurster coater & remove the top spray nozzle it will turn in to dryer.
  • Fluid Bed Processor is fully PLC control operation with 21 CFR Part 11 & Scada for functions like online report generation, online uneditable printing, alarm historys, password protected system as per user requirement.

It is ideal for handling fine powders, pellets, granules, crystals and also tablets.

A suitable binding agent is sprayed from the top into the fluidized product causing controlled agglomeration.

The agglomerates formed are subsequently dried The Mini Lab Bottom top spray has been developed to meet the pharmaceutical industry's requirements for flexibility in unit operations and is based on the principle that one basic unit can be used for numerous processes simply by interchanging a module.

  • DRYING : Top Spray.
  • PARTICLE COATING : Bottom Spray ( 50 microns ).
  • GRANULATING : Top Spray, Rotor Granulating.
  • PELLETIZING : Top Spray, Bottom Spray, Rotor Processing.
  • COATING : Top Spray, Bottom Spray, Rotor Coating

Mini Lab Bottom top spray is the new FAST COATING WURSTER range that builds on the proven Filters technology and its benefits. The design of in-line removable nozzles, and countinues working air purging makes it a unique bottom spary coating machine. This unique design of the distribution plate and nozzles make it ideal machine for the fast and uniform coating application on micro pellets, Granules & tablets.

  • Liquid dosing peristaltic pump by speed & volume, load cell based controls
  • FAST CONATING (FS) distribution plate for wurster coating with in-process removable nozzles
  • Perfect cGMP-design smooth covering, no external tubing and piping allowing easy cleaning.
  • Continues working filters with pneumatic air purging arrangement.
  • Through the wall installation : minimum space required in GMP area
  • Flexibility (Processes and products) for spheronization or pellet line / pelletization process.
  • Fully integrated with Allen Bradley PLC controls and 12.1" IPC (21 CFR Part 11 certified).
  • Critical process data recording like temperature, airflow, humidity, pressure drop, etc.
  • 2 bar and optional 10 / 12 bar designs available.
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