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Lifting & Positioning Device

Mark Maker specializes in designing and manufacturing IBC (bin) handling systems for every possible application. No matter what Bin type or style, such as round or square, we have the proven solution. We also specialize in High Containment / High Precision Lifters required for today’s split butterfly valves systems used in pharma industries.

Lifting & Positioning Device

Mark Maker has designed and produced thousands of bin lifts - more than all of our competitors combined. We offer free consultation and design layouts on all equipment.

Mark Maker lifter operates by engaging the container to a semicircular , single hook, fork type platform, lift arm attached to a column. The container is then raised and lowered by hydraulic system with built in safety parameters. The four point contact bearing on the column base with alow resistance factor makes it possible to position loaded container by hand radially, to discharge the contents in the process equipment’s.

  • Tablet Presses
  • Encapsulators
  • Reactors / Compounding Tanks
  • Mills
  • High Shear Granulators
  • Fluid Bed Processors

Optional Load Cells can be installed into the arm system and the unit can perform loss-in-weight, gain in weight feeding or to check that the bin contents have fully discharged

salient features
  • Design exceeds cGMP / USDA and is class 1000 clean room ready
  • Any lifting height, overhang & lifting capacity
  • Free-standing or ceiling supported system
  • 304, 316L construction
  • Explosion proof for all dust and solvent atmospheres
  • Pneumatic, relay logic or PLC controls, on board or remotely operated
  • Each system customized per your application
  • Field proven, standardized components for maximum reliability and parts availability
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